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Green Tip of the Day… What are you Sleeping on?

zenhaven1zenhaven2Green Tip of the Day… What Are You Sleeping On?

Today, people are moving towards more eco-friendly solutions in many facets of their lives, including the bed that they sleep in. Organic mattresses are available for those who seek an eco-friendly solution for where they sleep. The organic mattresses available today vary on their organic substance and only some are 100% organic, but others do carry some environmentally positive qualities. Whether you are environmentally-concerned, health-conscious, or allergy-sensitive, organic mattresses may be right for you. Although, organic mattresses can be very expensive, heavy, and require research to confirm environmental certifications; they are also highly durable, environmentally-friendly, and void from the risk of inhaling harmful chemicals, as opposed to non-organic mattresses. GO GREEN, SLEEP GREEN!!!

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