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Green Tip of the day… Water-Based Air Conditioner

In 1902, Willis Carrier invented the vapor compression air conditioning system, and is still the most commonly used air conditioning technology today. This compressor-based system consumes a lot of energy and uses chemical refrigerants that harm the environment, like chlorofluorocarbon and hydrochlorofluorocarbon. Recently, in the National University of Singapore (NUS), researchers have developed a new eco-friendly, water-based air conditioning system that runs without the need of compressors and chemical refrigerants. This water-based air conditioning system uses membrane technology to remove moisture from the outside air and is cooled by using water instead of chemical refrigerants. It consumes approximately 40% less electricity than compressor-based air conditioners and can cool air to as low as 18 degrees Celsius. In addition, this new system can produce 12 to 15 liters of potable drinking water a day by releasing cool air that is less humid than air in the surrounding environment. GO GREEN… SAVE GREEN!!! KOGwater-based air conditioner


Green Tip of the Day… What are you Sleeping on?

zenhaven1zenhaven2Green Tip of the Day… What Are You Sleeping On?

Today, people are moving towards more eco-friendly solutions in many facets of their lives, including the bed that they sleep in. Organic mattresses are available for those who seek an eco-friendly solution for where they sleep. The organic mattresses available today vary on their organic substance and only some are 100% organic, but others do carry some environmentally positive qualities. Whether you are environmentally-concerned, health-conscious, or allergy-sensitive, organic mattresses may be right for you. Although, organic mattresses can be very expensive, heavy, and require research to confirm environmental certifications; they are also highly durable, environmentally-friendly, and void from the risk of inhaling harmful chemicals, as opposed to non-organic mattresses. GO GREEN, SLEEP GREEN!!!

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Green Tip of the Day…Save Energy and Money in your Restroom!

Nowadays, more and more people are moving towards eco-friendly solutions for their household, including their restroom. There are strategies you can use that will help make your restroom greener and save some green at the same time. One way to decrease your energy usage is to replace all of your incandescent light bulbs with LED or CFL alternatives. LED’s last about 25 times longer and use about 80% less energy than incandescent. Some might think that switching to LED’s is expensive, but thanks to the consciousness and interest of our environment in society today, energy-saving lighting solutions have become more affordable. Other strategies for an eco-friendly restroom include switching to low-flow water fixtures, dual-flush toilets, and energy-efficient vent fans. Read this article to learn more about strategies that will help you give your restroom an eco-friendly face-lift.  GO GREEN, SAVE GREEN!!! KOG