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  1. Hi Gary,
    I am pleased to see you are interviewing Bryan Hansel of Smith Electric Vehicles today. At present his company’s website shows only the Smith Newton range of large delivery trucks.

    The UK/Europe branch of the company has been routinely selling another range of mid-size electric vans, shuttle-buses, and pickup trucks called the Smith Edison. They are featured on the Case Studies page within the ‘Rest Of The World’ section at http://www.smithelectricvehicles.com – and they have previously been showcased at US exhibitions.

    Two questions:

    Will these Smith Edison vehicles be coming to the USA?

    And now that Smith Electric worldwide is an American company, what does it plan to do with its UK/Europe operations?

  2. Midwest Electric Vehicle Buildout
    and the role of distributed generation and solar photovoltaics

    Date: June 25, 2012
    Location: Mid-America Regional Council
    600 Broadway, Suite 200 – Kansas City, MO 64105
    Time: 9 p.m. – 3 p.m.

    The Missouri Solar Energy Industries Association represents solar industry stakeholders supporting policy issues focused on solar job creation and sustainable economic growth in Missouri. MOSEIA also provides professional development opportunities such as this event throughout the year that aim to raise industry standards.

    Programming Synopsis
    This professional development event was created to highlight the EV infrastructure developments in the Kansas City region through efforts such as Electrify Heartland and the important role of distributed generation and solar photovoltaics. Speakers will cover topics such as EV transportation infrastructure, grid-tied solar PV integrated EV charging stations and design-build focused educational presentations featuring the most promising EV products and technologies. After lunch participants will enjoy chauffeured EV joy rides around downtown Kansas City.

    Who Should Attend?
    Fleet management operators
    Architects in the Kansas City region
    Members of the Design Build Institute
    Members of Kansas City Industrial Council
    Regional Planning and Transportation Officials
    Management at Private Clubs and Golf Courses
    Large Retailers interested in EV charging station integration
    Members of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers
    Manufacturers/Commercial Building operators with large land/warehouse footprint
    Solar Integrators interested in distributed generation modeled EV charging stations
    Facilities management: higher education facilities, sports complexes, and healthcare institutions


    Ruth Redenbaugh – Kansas City Metropolitan Energy Center
    An overview of Electrify Heartland

    Bill Moore, Editor EV World
    EV Charging Stations and Solar PV – A Perfect Match

    Mercy Davison, EV Town – Planner City of Normal, IL
    Case Study: Bloomington-Normal, Illinois as a model electric vehicle community.

    Margaret Fitzgerald – Milbank PowerGen
    Technical Series: EV Charging

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