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Holiday Travel

Green Tip of the Day

Holiday Travel

Holidays are the most traveled days of the year, and many of us find ourselves stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic when we’d rather be home and having second helpings of the feast. Whether you’re just heading to a friend’s house for dessert or traveling across the country to see your family, here are a few ideas to help you save money and travel efficiently.

When you’re driving, do what you can to remain calm and drive carefully. Aggressive driving can lower your highway miles per gallon (MPG) by 33%, and city MPG by 5%! Performing vehicle maintenance prior to driving, like changing your oil and properly inflating your tires, can also greatly improve the efficiency of your vehicle. Greater efficiency means less fuel is consumed.

If you’re traveling by air, pack lightly or just carry one bag on the plane. Any extra weight causes an airplane to lose efficiency and use more fuel to travel. You can also purchase inexpensive carbon offsets to help mitigate the impact of your air travel.

Avoid crowds and high-traffic roadways to reduce your carbon impact and save money. Traveling on off-peak days can save you hundreds of dollars at the airport or prevent you from sitting in traffic on congested highways. Put your vacation time to good use by traveling off-peak; you’ll save time, money, and have a little time to relax before you go back to work. Need another reason to take more time off? Americans lose a half billion vacation days every year – don’t lose your well-earned time off!

And, it should go without saying, but… Don’t drink and drive. This may not seem like a tip that has anything to do with the environment, but it does! Share cabs with your friends, hire a party bus or nominate a designated driver to take a group to and from the festivities. By acting responsibly and encouraging your fellow travelers to do so, not only will you prevent accidents but you’ll lower your carbon impact by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.


Heartland Loves The Gulf Story of the Week

Heartland Story of the Week:

This one of the best stories to come out of Heartland Loves The Gulf and shows you the true Heart of America. Gail got an email the other day and I said “You are the first I have see trying to raise money for the gulf, whenever a disaster comes along our country jumps to help others!” I am loading my Fatboy Harley on a trailer, taking my vacation, and driving to Kansas City from Palm Springs Florida, I’d love to meet you when I ride into Gail’s Friday night.”
Thanks Again
Rob Simmons Florida USA

Rob Simmons we at the Heartland Team salute you for being an American patriot, for doing what Americans do in times of need, “Whatever it takes!”
“No movie stars doing tele-a-thons, just everyday Americans like Rob Simmons from Florida helping everyday Americans that are hurting.”

Go buy your tickets or donate NOW!!!  KOG


KC Chamber Top 10 Dinner

First event for our KC Chamber Top 10 adventure last night. We want to thank Missouri Bank for hosting and having the same color green tablecloths as my shirt and tie, it made the King of Green feel right at home, Thanks Grant! Thank you to the Chamber staff for working so hard to put it all together and making it run so well. Thanks to all the former winners for telling us to just enjoy the moment and take it all in because it goes by so fast. And to the Top 10, what an honor to be in the room with not just great business owners, but such a great group of people, I can’t say enough about all of you and how much I admire what you all have accomplished. Congrats! The King of Green