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About The King of Green

Gary Walker is…
The “The King of Green” ™

More about The KOG

Inspired by overcoming challenges and using his natural leadership skills, Gary has built a solid foundation upon relationships and years of experience. With his dedication to service, passion for life, and talent for sales, he overcame hardships and challenges to become a successful businessman and well-known presence in his industry and throughout the world.

Gary is also President of Bullseye International SDVOB Inc.
A Service Disabled Vet Owned Business.

At 17, Walker joined the military. It was his time in basic training that gave him the first taste of cleaning. With great attention to detail and a dedication to excellence, Walker learned how to clean, military-style., and in 1994, founded Kansas City’s first all-green commercial cleaning company in with his wife, Trish, the Queen of Green.

Having owned a janitorial cleaning company and being a savvy businessperson, Gary realized that forming a janitorial distributorship would afford his cleaning company more competitive pricing on cleaning supplies, thus allowing for more competitive cleaning bids… and voila, Bullseye International SDVOB Inc. was born.

Gary has been investing in his business to promote the shift to green, environmentally friendly products products whenever possible without sacrificing the costs for customers.

VISIT Bullseye International SDVOB Inc. at

Awards & Acknowledgements

  • Class of 2007 Kansas City Small Business Monthly “25 Under 25″ Award
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 Central Midwest Finalist
  • Kansas City Business Magazine 2008 10 Best Companies
  • Midwest’s First All Green Talk Show “Going Green with the King and Queen” – Podcast

living green G n T jpg

3 thoughts on “About The King of Green

  1. We’d L-O-V-E to get a MP3 version of the Interview today for the Flights of Fancy Kite Festival, to link on our Flights of Fancy Web Site!

    I can watch the Podacst page, but it may be faster if I can get it directly from you!

    Thanks …

    Rich Ritter
    Flights of Fancy Steering Committee
    Comunity Education Technology/Special Projects Coord

  2. Rich,

    We will get that taken care of for your, we had a lot of fun doing the show and will be at the event.

    Go Green!

  3. Rich,

    How was the copy of the show? Please send us any more info that you might have or updates, we will be posting about the event all week on FB and blog to promote it. See you there!

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